People Watching and More

The day was bright and beautiful, the clear waters tossed into waves by a cool breeze that chilled the air enough to warrant a jacket. As usual I was people watching as we waited for the ferry boat to arrive.

It was her long silvery hair dancing in the breeze that first caught my eye. The woman moved slowly, laboriously, along the beach, a cane clutched in her left hand and a dog’s leash in the right. Although the uneven ground made walking troublesome for her, she seemed to be enjoying herself.

The dog, an aging Malamute, walked placidly beside her as she tottered along, occasionally catching her balance with the aid of the cane. A post caught the beast’s attention and he stopped to investigate. She tugged once on the leash, but was ignored.

Smiling, she leaned on her cane and let the wind blow her hair back from her face while the dog completed his inspection of the post. This was not a young face, yet it was a face of exceptional beauty, and that smile truly lit up the world. When the dog finished they moved on again, she speaking softly to him and he gazing at her with complete adoration.

The love and devotion between these two was unconditional and beautiful to see. It warmed my heart and made my day.

Now for the ROW80 Check-in! 

Okay, I have been slack, worse, I have barely written a word in the past week. I have a long list of excuses, but that’s all they are. Truth is, I got a bit burned out. However, every time that happens something will jolt me back to work. This time it was in my e-mail. Here’s the letter:

“Good morning!  
                          A beautiful day it is too!  The sun is shining, birds singing in the trees and flitting around the feeders and our box gardens are coming along beautifully!  
                           I thought I would pass along some news from our home front.  Since I began reading your books I’ve had a wonderful time.  Your stories have brought a lot of laughter, joy and even tears into my life.  I love stories like that.  Of them all my favorite is At Loose Ends.  For some reason that is the story that always brings a smile to my face.  I love the characters.  
                            It was through your stories that I came to look into Reiki.  I convinced my wife that that would be something she would find beneficial and fascinating.  I did a bit of research and found a local Reiki Master, Anita Brown of Inspirit Studios in Dover, Delaware.  Her first Reiki session was so amazing!  The look on her face, the difference in her carriage was just awesome.  She’s had several more sessions and has even taken Reiki Level 1 class.  She is really looking forward to this experience.  I have to thank you for inspiring this beginning.  This has become a very spiritual journey for her.  She has become energized and so much more upbeat.  It’s fantastic.
                            Thank you for all the joy and wonder you have brought into our lives.  
Skip & Irene Maslan”
(Letter reprinted with permission.)

Yes folks, this is the reason I keep doing what I do. This put me back in the chair and next time I hope to have something better to report.

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Your thoughts?

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