Organic Fertilizer

Hi folks,

It’s been a busy few days here on the farm. A sudden frost bit through the row covers and into the greenhouse, killing most of the tomato plants inside and all the cucumbers outside. 

On the bright side, the squash and onions loved it. As well, the tomato roots survived and are sending up new foliage. I’ve got two of the beds planted and three more just about ready for planting. A friend brought us two pick up loads of organic fertilizer, aka horse manure, well rotted. 

There have been three batches of rhubarb jam put down and the rhubarb bed still has tons of the good stuff  growing. Life is good.

Now for a ROW80 check-in.

Once again I managed 1500 words.It’s funny how a few sentences her and there add up. So, I’ll shoot for another 1500 this week.

Oh, while I’m at it, here the opening paragraph of the current WIP. It’s a sequel to the Immortal Tigress.

Cursing softly, and wishing for a fur coat as she trudged through the snow in human form, the vampire shivered. Ah to hell with it, she stripped off her clothes and buried them in the snow before changing into the sabre toothed tiger; the cat could track the maddened killer more easily, and she had a fur coat.”

Well that’s it for me today. Until next time, may your days be blessed.


6 thoughts on “Organic Fertilizer

  1. Uh oh. That's late spring for ya. So you start again with the tomatoes and cucumbers, eh? That garden is taking shape. And oh how lovely is the smell of horse manure. What a fun job Pru. Backbreaking too. Yet you managed to throw 1500 words into the mix. Good for you. I look forward to more gardening adventures. Carry on! 🙂

  2. Hi Karen. All but one of the tomato plants has come back. The roots were well established. Lucky me. Lots more stuff is coming up so I'll have lots more pics soon. I can't wait until it is in full bloom.

  3. A cute little teaser… though, wouldn't a sabre-toothed tiger be awfully recognizable?

    I love your rhubarb, Prudence. Mine seems to come up just in time for a serious hot spell and goes to flower (for that matter, I've had a similar problem with my asparagus the last few years too… we've had some weird weather). Glad to hear the tomatoes mostly made it. Cucumbers grow pretty fast, but depending on the tomato variety… it could have been a sparse year.

  4. Hi Eden, yep, the weather is even more undependable these days. I lucked out with the rhubarb. It was here for generations before we bought the place. It can take a licking and keep on ticking. rhubarb will naturally try to go to seed early. You have to pull off those seed stalks. The tomato plants are making a strong recovery.

    Now, about the tigress. This is a sequel to Immortal Tigress. The teaser has a lot more in it if you've read the first one. Either way, no matter if the fugitive sees her or not, he's not getting away. hee hee hee

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