Old Favorite Updated

Hi folks,

Well, we fell behind schedule for a while, but it was worth the wait. One of my personal favorite novels is Incoming. Love that story. We have given it a new edit and a pretty new cover, so take a look. If you haven’t yet read Incoming, now’s the time. So, for non stop action I give you:

Incoming front



Okay, enjoy this one and know there will be more coming soon. First up will be an upgrade for Arctic Gale and that will be followed by a brand new story, the fifth in the Novan Witch series. Keep an eye out for Red Nova. Coming soon. (Sometime in April.)

Now, for the last bit. By the time you read this I will have finished the first draft of Lady Seeker, the follow up to Lady Shadow. Yup, the long winters here are great for getting writing done. Tee Hee



1 thought on “Old Favorite Updated

  1. Okay, you are probably tired of hearing from me but the children of the goddess series is very close to my heart and I am dyeing to know when Lady Seeker will be available pretty please????????!!!!!!


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