Old Christmas Day

January 6th is Old Christmas Day here in Newfoundland. At our house we like to keep the season going so we honor Old Christmas Day. Today we had a gathering of close friends and family. There was food, laughter, and fun for all. Having Charis Maloy with us brought another dimension to the festivities.
Here is the desert girl exploring the northern forests just prior to a snowstorm.

She also got a picture of me in action during a ferry crossing to the city.

Okay, Iโ€™m sure you can guess from all this that there has not been a lot of writing going on. (sigh) However, the festive season is over tomorrow and it is back to the keyboard for this writer. I have more ideas than I can ever hope to put down on paper.

So here are the ROW80 goals for the new round coming up. Tomorrow it begins.
1.      Write 10,000 words per week.
2.      Read 10,000 words per week.
3.      Edit ten pages of a completed MS.
4.      Feature a new author every Friday
5.      Read and comment on 10 blogs per week.
This coming Friday I hope to feature Saralynn Hoyt on my new author spot. Remember, if you are a writer and interested in being featured on this blog, drop me an e-mail at prudymac@gmail.com
Thatโ€™s it for me, folks. What are your plans for the coming months?

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