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Hi folks, it’s Friday. This is the day I like to introduce a new author to you, but I didn’t find any volunteers this week so I’m going to tell you what’s up with an old author. Me.

It’s been a while since I put out a new book, but that is about to end. I have several almost ready for publication this winter and coming in the spring. First up will be Assassin of Nova, the second book in the sci-fi Nova Series. Book three is well in the works and will be out later this Spring.

Assassin of Nova picks up the tale of the rebuilding of Nova Prime after the extermination of her people. The driving force behind this resurrection is the Black Witch, Lady Arlessa. We first meet her in the book, Novan Witch, when she is a fugitive and running for her life. Here’s a quick teaser.
Lessa sat with her head down, focused on the task at hand. It would take most of her reserves, but she saw no other way. “Lessa, this is foolish,” whispered the darkness in her mind, “Just leave, and forget the woman and children. Their fate was sealed before you arrived. There is no need to interfere. This could get you killed, then where will you be?”
“Free at last,” she replied as she thrust aside the voice of doom and concentrated. She was very still for several hours, then, exhausted, she fell on her side drawing deep ragged breaths. As she’d begun her meditation, everyone on the ship had slowly drifted off to sleep. Now they awakened with a start as the first blow struck the ship.
You can look for more teasers in upcoming posts leading up to the launch of Assassin of Nova.
Okay, so here’s a question for you. I have written many books that touched on less than popular subjects, but subjects that I feel need to be discussed more openly and without fear or prejudice.  I know I have offended a few people, especially when they have misinterpreted my motives. 

I want you to understand I am quite willing to discuss anything that I have written; please just ask.

Yes, I know, get to the the point. I did say I have a question for you. Here goes. Is there anything you would like to see me address in a novel or in a blog post? If so, just let me know in a comment or drop me an e-mail here:

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4 thoughts on “Old Author

  1. Prudence, I salute anyone who speaks out on topics that need addressing. You will always get offended people, that just means you are on the right track!

    I have issues with chronic pain, as I know many do. Health issues which have a massive impact in people's activities levels and mental health always need focus: they are unseen disabilities which often, doctors don't understand, especially chronic pain.

    Keep forging ahead! It's great to hear where you're up to.

  2. Hi Cate, thanks for the encouragement.
    I know a number of folks who deal with chronic pain due to a variety of health issues and old accidents. Sadly, it limits your activities, cuts into every aspect of daily life and all too often is denied by professionals who just don't understand or can't do anything about it.
    Those who choose to continue enjoying life in spite of the pain are the folk who truly inspire me. That is the true mark of courage.

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