Of Iron and Stone

It was a sunny day today, the first in a while, so we decided to take the dogs to the beach for a splash and a snuffle. We also wanted to do a bit of rock hounding. Our beach has no sand, only large jumbles of stone.
It is interesting to inspect the stone and see the layers of sediment that, over time, were compressed into stone. Other stones are much heavier, for they are laden with iron. In fact, this island was once well known for its iron, and iron ore is everywhere here.

I often think of what my ancestors would do with this place. It would not take them long to set up a forge and set to work. In fact, I wonder about setting up a small forge in the backyard. Imagine, if you will, wrought iron plant hangers made by your own hand from iron found on the shore. I know, the Dwarven smiths would be so proud of me.

Here is the beach of which I spoke:

Now, ain’t that a beach?  Oh yeah, here’s the other side from where I was standing:

Downright homey, isn’t it?

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