No Cliffhangers

Hi folks,

Life has kept me away from the computer a lot lately, but what can you do?  Okay, we were discussing chiffhangers last time.  I’m still getting feedback on that one, and the overwhelming majority of readers agree they hate them.

I agree, for I believe that when I publish a book I enter into a contract with the reader.  My part of the deal is to tell a full story.  Yes, there can be a few hints of further adventures to come, but I will always finish the story I’m telling you, the book will bring every major issue to a satisfactory conclusion.

So, on that note, for those of you who have yet to read it, I offer up SUVI.  Book one of three. (So far, book four is well under way.)  Check out SUVI, I promise you a full and enjyable story.  Here’s where to find it:



So, back to work for me.  See you next time.



Your thoughts?

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