News From Down on the Farm

Hi Folks,

I promised an update of the farm efforts and here I am. Things have slowed down from an expansion standpoint. On the other hand, everything is growing nicely. That darn rhubarb seed stalk is now over seven feet tall.

I have gathered poles from the bush behind the house to use as pea poles. I’ve stuck them in the ground. I will wait until the peas are climbing well before I show you a picture.

Now that everything is starting to grow, I have a bit of time to write as we wait for the next step in food production. Things have been going well on the writing front too. Lady Blue continues to sell well, Immortal Tigress has just been re-released, and thanks to a few rainy days the sequel to Tigress is coming along nicely.  Life is good.


Okay, is today the first day of the round? Cool. So, goals. Long range goal is to finish the first draft of Shapeshifter during this round. Short term goals, about 2500 words per week or better should be just what I need. Anyway, that’s the target. Wish me luck.

May all your days be blessed

5 thoughts on “News From Down on the Farm

  1. We have an itty bitty piece of land, but I really should look into micro-gardening. It would be fun to grow some of our own food. Twenty-five hundred words a week sounds very doable and rainy days do allow for time to write. It's raining here today; I should heed my own words. All the best!

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