New Year Resolution

This Christmas I my darling K presented me with a Kobo e-reader. As I pondered just which books to download I decided to start with a book I’d won, The Temple by Heather Marie Adkins. It was a great read; I quite enjoyed it.
At a recently spoke with another struggling author who had received a similar gift. He beamed as he told me he had installed the complete works of Edgar Allen Poe on his e-reader, with plans for more of the classics as well as some of the day’s top sellers.
Something about that bothered me. Dear old Edgar is long since dead, as are many of the authors of the classics. Don’t get me wrong here, I love many of the classics, and I once had a full hardback collection of Poe, but this is not where I want to spend my few reading dollars, not now.
I have made many wonderful writer friends on-line. These are caring and supportive people who are trying to get their work out just as I am. So, here it is, my New Year’s resolution: I, Prudence MacLeod do hereby resolve to read as many books written by my on-line peers as I can in 2012. If I like the book I will review it in my blog; if I don’t I will e-mail the author and explain why. I will not publish a bad review of anyone’s work.
I started with Heather’s book and I will start Diane Capri’s Carly’s Conspiracy this evening.

13 thoughts on “New Year Resolution

  1. That is a wonderful resolution. I would like to read the books of writers I know online, too, but I don't do ebooks. Maybe I will make it my goal to find as many hard copy books of bloggers I know. That could be a good reading resolution.

  2. Thanks you guys, I have received so much wonderful support from all my on-line peeps; this is the only way I know to show them how much I appreciate it. You folks rock, all of you. 🙂

  3. You're going to make a lot of authors very happy with that kind resolution!-) I hope they return the favor for you and get the chance to read your powerfully inspiring stories!

  4. You're a sweetheart, Prudence; that's the same criteria I use for doing book reviews. A warning though: the caveat is that not liking a book leads to a very bad place with the author, on occasion. Best to just keep silent on those, perhaps.

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