New Hope

Hey folks,

Some of you may have noticed lately how we’re upgrading some of my older works. The plan is to take all the early romances and give them an update, a new edit, and a new cover. With any luck at all there will be another one appear this week. The former A Time for Hope will be re-issued simply as Hope. This is the cover to look for.


I’ll let you know as soon as she goes live so you can get a closer look.

Once again I say, this will hearken back to the early romances.

Later this month keep an eye out for the third book in the Children of the Goddess Series. The manuscript is in the hands of the editor now, so we’re hopeful it will be ready to publish before the end of the month.


Row80 check-in.

I’ve been working on revisions all week, so, as for new material, I haven’t written a single word. sigh. This week I will start again. πŸ™‚

Here’s hoping you all smoke me this time.



Your thoughts?

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