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Hi folks,

Well, I’ve got a few things to report this week, but the most exciting is the new cover for my next book, Empire’s Advance. This is the second book in the Corelian Guard series and follows the exploits of Hunter’s characters as things take a turn for the worse. We hope to get the book out sometime in the next two weeks so stay tuned.
 Here’s the cover.

Our cover model is the lovely and very talented Emzilla. When Emz saw the cover she said, “Let me play with it; I can make it better.” She did. This cover is her work and you can find her and some of her work on Facebook here:

Okay, second thing to report. I didn’t get a lot of writing done this week. Here’s why. The results of my regular check-up got me in trouble. The Doctor said my kidneys are in trouble and I’m borderline diabetic. Okay, so I have a caffeine and chocolate addiction. The reality is, I rarely drink anything except coffee and I eat far too many sweets. “I’m a writer, dammit; it what we do. Hehehe)

So, the upshot of this is a drastic change in diet. I can do this. I went off coffee cold turkey and have been a zombie with a headache and an attitude for days, but there is light. Today I awoke feeling good, fewer aches and pains than normal, and no headache. Pass the mint tea and stand back, she’s reviving. J

On to ROW80

This week had ups and down for writing. On the upside, we have a cover for Empire’s advance and the editor is nearly finished. Life is good.
On the downside, I didn’t make my goal of ten thousand words written; I barely managed eight.
So, the target for next week is another 15K. Wish me luck.
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Until next week,

6 thoughts on “New Cover

  1. {{Hugs}} on getting off of caffeine–as someone who's fought headaches for decades, that would be really hard! You did great to get 8k written with that–keep up the good work on all fronts! And congrats on the upcoming release!

  2. Hi Jennette, Thanks for the hugs. It's day three now and the headaches are gone. The lethargy is passing too and should be gone in a few more days. The emotional roller coaster was a pain, but it's passed too. Life is good again. Me and my little cup of mint tea are about ready to take on the world again.

    Getting off aspartame a few years ago was tougher. That stuff is really bad news.
    Hope all is bright and shiny in your world. Hugs back atcha. 🙂

  3. Oh Pru, that wasn't good news. Diabetes runs in my hubby's family. So I took him off sugar a number of years ago because he was putting like two heaping teaspoons of sugar in each cup of coffee. I started adding it up and realized where this was going. Diabetes is scary stuff. Who knew that sugar was an addiction? So if I may make a suggestion that has worked well in our situation, try Stevia. We like the Now brand in liquid form. That way you can use it hot and cold. And if you are a coffee lover, you may want to try Teeccino. It is a herbal coffee and it is delicious. We like the Vanilla Nut flavor, but they make in other flavors too. This way, during the winter months, you can enjoy a cup of coffee without the guilt. Let me know if you like it. Take care! 🙂

  4. Karen, thank you so much for the concern and suggestions. Your post truly warmed my heart. I have given up coffee, wheat, and sugar. I had a few days of withdrawl, (headaches, cravings, emotional roller coaster) but I made it through. Now I drink only water and herbal tea, and eat a Paleo diet as best I can.
    I confess I am intrigued by the herbal coffee idea. Gotta try that. 🙂
    hugs, Pru

  5. Pru, if you can, try Karen's suggestions of stevia. The most common "herbal coffee" substitute I know of has a lot of chicory root in it. Be careful if you get allergies to those…

    You may be able to drink small amounts of green or white teas. They tend to be low in caffeine already and a quick hot wash (basically a short first steeping) usually removes most of the remaining caffeine from the leaves. Use a loose leaf variety so you can make the hot water rush through without getting locked in the bag.

    And enjoying the lovely cover release. Definitely a pretty lady…

  6. Eden, thanks. I actually starved the caffeine out of my body and am avoiding coffee substitutes. It is am amazingly free experience to beat an addiction. Starving the sugar out now. I find it interesting that things I used to put sugar on now taste sweet without it. I'm actually having fun exploring a brave new world.
    Bless, Pru

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