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Hey y’all,

It’s Ronni again.  Sadly, we’re still not quite ready to put up our story, but we’re almost there.  I’ll give you another peek inside today then I’ll show you the new cover.  Igor and I made it ourselves, with a little help from Lady K of the Purple Raven Boutique.  Oh heck, I’m so pleased with this I’ll show it to you first.

This is the  cover to look for when the book comes out.

Isn’t that cool?

Okay, now here’s another peek inside the book.

Gudrun leaned over and spoke softly to Terry. “This man could become a problem.”

“He’s Compton’s right hand man. Probably got orders to observe, record, and watch for a good excuse to make me disappear forever. Keep an eye on him, sweetheart.”

“With extreme pleasure, lover. Can I intimidate him a bit?”

“Go for it, enjoy yourself.”

Gudrun smiled wickedly.

Clara and Rhonda came out of the van in hazmat suits and headed for the door. Gudrun followed, but stopped beside Egan. They watched in silence as the two women slid open the lab door and entered, closing the the door behind them. As the door closed, the man swallowed hard and spoke. “I know who you are.”

“Oh?” she replied, arching an eyebrow at him. “And who is that?”

“You’re Gudrun Arielsdottir, born in Iceland, trained in several countries of Europe. You inherited an elite team of mercenaries from your mother who then disappeared, you’re unbelievably successful at infiltration and assassination. You work out of Germany for the most part, but you’ve been in America for the past two or three years, or maybe more, but nobody knows how you come and go, or why.”

“I’ll tell you why,” she replied. Her voice was so cold he shivered, and stepped back. “I come to spend time with my husband, Terry Sawchuk, and I’ll be extremely unhappy should anything ever happen to him. Do you understand me?”

He gulped and stepped back further. “Yes, I understand.”


Okay, that all you get for now.  I don’t want to give away the whole story.  So, with any luck the next time I can tell you where to find the whole book.  Until then…

Bye y’all


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