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Okay, last time I asked for some feedback I got it. Now lots of people might be disappointed with what was said, but I sure wasn’t. I knew the options I had weren’t right, but wasn’t sure what to do about it. I guess I am too close to the project. Anyway, after some constructive feedback, the cover for Hunter has been reworked and we’re happy with it now. The question is; what do you folks think of it?

We pushed back the launch a bit to get a better cover. Now the aim is for a launch on Monday. I’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, here’s another excerpt for you.

* * * * *

August sat and gave him a quizzical look. “Things back on your home world have gotten out of control, August. Against my better judgment, we are sending you in to straighten it out. Specifically, you are going back to the town where you grew up. The Vorlox have an entry point near there and they have several agents on that world. Your task will be to stop them while thwarting their efforts to kill the offspring. Your new partner will meet you there.”

“Offspring? New partner?”

“O-Goost, generations ago, the Vorlox tried to blend their own species with yours. For some reason they aborted the plan and tried to kill off all the descendants of the experiment. Three remain: an old woman, her daughter, and her granddaughter. The granddaughter is to be your new partner. Your task is to keep her safe while eliminating the Vorlox on your home world.”

“What training has she had?”

“None, O-Goost, but we believe she may have some of their psychic abilities, for she can read energy and see auras clearly. She has lived her life eluding both the Vorlox and the authorities of her world. Even as you are a great hunter, Tracee is the uncatchable prey. Together you will be the perfect team.”

“How many enemy agents?”

“Probably nine or perhaps more.”

August barely heard the rest of the briefing. She was being sent in, alone, to a world that was nearly lost. Her task was to find an untrained girl and together they were supposed to save this doomed world. Her world. Their world. 

She sighed deeply as she turned in her uniform and donned the jeans and boots that were to be her disguise. A few moments later a heavily armed August Summers was back in her hometown on Earth; the last place she wanted to be.
ROW80 Goals.
Actually getting Hunter completed and published during this round was a major goal, the major goal. I will save the rest for after Monday’s launch.

6 thoughts on “New Cover

  1. Well darn, I missed the cover discussion last time. But the excerpt sounds really good! OK, now putting on my graphic designer hat… I like this cover better than the ones posted before. My main concern is that the type is hard to read. I'd suggest making it larger (at least the title), and in a color that will stand out more against the green – say, white or yellow.

    Hope that helps – and congrats on the new release!

  2. Hi Jennette, thanks for the feedback. Sadly, with the programs we have available, coupled with the new specs for Book covers, we can't get the font any larger. We tried other fonts, but didn't like the look. Personally I'd love to have a more graceful font in a larger size. Now, the color I can change, so I'll go have a look at that right now.

  3. Congrats for finishing Hunter and publishing it this round. I've long admired the amount of work that you do, most impressive. Here's hoping that Hunter's launch soars.


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