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Hi folks, here’s me blowing my own horn again. My latest book is just out. I write the original manuscript many years ago. In the fading years of the 20th century, a friend of mine (a transsexual woman) grew tired of the abuses heaped on her head by the system that was supposed to be helping her. (Aversion therapy, shock treatments, humiliation therapy, this is helping?) She also grew tired of the constant mental abuse from her family. Felicia took her own life in the most violent way she could find.

In the years that followed her suicide I wrote four novels with transgender people as main characters. Not surprising, I was unable to sell them. However, these folks are people, just like everybody else, so I was determined to tell some stories for them. The first I self-published was “A Simple Twist of Fate.” Some of you may have read it. Eventually I hope to publish all four. Here is the second of four for your enjoyment. I promise a happy ending.

This book also has another story to it. It began with a challenge from another writer. Several standard story opening lines were thrown into a jar. The idea was to use the line and build a novel off it. Seela is the only novel completed from that writer’s challenge. I believe there were seven of us. 
I’ve been told that publishing these stories is a terrible risk. What do you think? Am I risking my bread and butter? 

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  1. I don't see why it would be a risk. I can see that it would be, and probably is still, tough to sell a book with a transgender protagonist. So why not self publish it? It may still be years before a transgender character can be sold to the big publishing houses. As of now, most of the traditionally published books with minority characters have them in stereotypical roles in historical fiction, so I would think transgender will still be awhile off. Once we have more minority characters as characters, not stero-types, then I think the publishing world will be ready to start with transgender characters. But that's just my two cents. SOunds like a great book.

  2. Congrats on the new release! I don't think it's risky – that's what's so wonderful about self publishing! If one person struggling with gender identity reads this and takes away hope – or if one person reads it and gains understanding – you've done a wonderful thing. These stories need to be told!

  3. Pru, your fans know you to be the Vakyrie. You stand for the underdog in all of your work. Honestly, I think that if you are not true to yourself, that is where you lose your bread and butter. Backing off from this book out of fear of censure would quite possibly bloom into a wall that could block your honest heart. That heart, tied so well into your books IS your bread and butter. Follow it. It will not lead you wrong.

  4. I think it's a wonderful tribute, and I love your outlook – folks are all just folks. If only everyone could see the beauty in people for just being people, the world would be much better off!
    So, write away my friend!!

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