NaNoWriMo Completed

Hi folks, today I want to review in my own mind what I learned from the NaNoWriMo experience. It is a busy time in my life, and taking this on was a challenge to say the least. However, I enjoy a challenge every once in a while, and this seemed right up my alley, so I jumped in.
The first thing that happened was a mild panic attack. Oh Crap, Deadline! As usual, I set to work with a will. (Thank the gods for spell check, etc.) I have an idea for a series, and this seemed like a good chance to test the waters.
Knowing I needed about 1700 words per day to complete, made me shoot for 2500 or better. I am all too familiar with Murphy’s Law and I know full well that life is what happens while we make other plans, so I wanted that cushion. To get it I need to put in the time.
So, where to you get time? You take it from other places, just like setting up a budget. There was little or no TV, few if any visits, meals became quick and easy, dust bunnies were allowed to breed indiscriminately, and… you get the picture. I’ll be the first to admit I can be pretty darned focused when I have a project to complete. 
There is a balance to the universe, and there was a cost for that few weeks of madness. My blog suffered terribly, my beloved partner got ignored somewhat, (bless her forgiving heart) book sales dropped off as my promotion efforts lagged, and the dogs got up a petition for the return of longer walks. Not only that, but my back aches because my posture sucks when I’m bent over the keyboard.
On the bright side, I completed the first draft in nineteen days, just cracking the required 50,000 words required to reach the goal. I gave it a fast revision, rewrote a few bits, then gave it to K for a fast edit, made the suggested corrections and here it is for your reading pleasure.
The Novan Witch, a tale of love and adventure on the Galactic Rim.

Cover art for Novan Witch was provided by the always super talented Justin. Thanks my friend, I’d be lost without you.

15 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Completed

  1. You are a star, Pru! Don't forget to validate on the official site come the 25th for posterity and winners goodies (I'm an ML for our region, it looks good on me if people officially win!)

  2. I'm so impressed with how much you accomplished in just three weeks! I think you probably need a special chair and keyboard for writing, so that your posture remains intact.

    Your beloved partner is definitely included in my praise! Let's see, what's that saying? Behind every successful woman, there is a wise woman. I'm quite sure it didn't say 'man', because I've never seen someone successfully be a man…just kidding. I don't really hate men, I'm just an incurable tease.

    I love the cover! You can do my cover too when the time comes! ;-))

    Thank you for all of your devotion and hard work to provide us all with such wonderful entertainment! I hope you get some R&R now that you're finished;-)

  3. Alyssa, thanks for the encouragement and good words. I agree, without K much of what I do would never happen. About the cover, that was done by our mutual friend Justin. I forgot to give credit, got to go do that right now.

  4. Absolutely LOVED this book!!!! CANNOT wait for the next in the series… ( There will be a second right?)I barely finished it when I went looking for the next… literally within seconds… I was very disappointed that it wasn't written yet. I loved everything about this book. I am going to have to check out your other books. K.S.

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