My Guitar Is On My Bed

My Guitar is on my bed. What about it, you might wonder, but it is like that blank page that just won’t cough up an idea. It lies there, accusingly, waiting for inspiration or the guilts to hit. Well, it won’t be the guilts, Elvis, me old trout. Yes, Elvis is my guitar’s name; I told you I’m old.
You see, Elvis has a special job in my house. He not only makes pretty sounds, but he keeps the dogs off the bed. As I’ve said so many times before, home is where the dog hair sticks to everything except the dog. Elvis makes sure I have a dog hair free place to lay my head at night, and I do love him for the fine job he does as well as his mellow voice.
Now, I said it wouldn’t be the guilts that got, and it won’t. Guilt is a wasted emotion, besides; I did my housework, ran my errands, wrote my pages, and edited my chapters. It has been raining torrents so I don’t feel guilty about not walking the dogs. Nope, I’ve had a busy and productive day, so Elvis can just lay there and do his job.
I don’t have a good picture of Elvis right now, so I’ll just show you the four shedders, my beloved boys.
Aw crap, I just got word the boats have tied up for the day. High winds are making it too dangerous for them to carry passengers, so that means K is stuck in the city for the night and sI’m on my own. …Sigh… snif… think I’ll go hug Elvis; I feel a sad ballad coming on.
So, who keeps the pet hair off your bed?

13 thoughts on “My Guitar Is On My Bed

  1. Awwww…now we're both stuck alone without our lovers. What is the universe thinking?

    Long live Elvis! I imagine he never would have guessed how many different things he would be used for, lol.

    That is quite the motley crew on the porch, lol. Animals are so much funner than humans in most cases.

  2. I named my GPS Bianca 🙂

    I love seeing a picture of your dogs. I can't image how much hair you have with four of them. I have one (though she's the size of two) with short hair and it can be a handful to keep up with.

  3. Cute puppies! I have two Rottweilers, and they shed like crazy. Your post made me LOL because we have a stuffed animal Rottweiler that's almost full size – and we put it in the living room recliner when no one's sitting there to keep the dogs off it!

  4. Hey SC we'll survive. tee hee
    Ladies, there is a woman here in Newfoundland who has fife Newfoundland dogs. She saves and spins the hair then knits socks, scarves and such. Hmmm, nope, I'm not quite that ambitious.

  5. Poor K! That really sucks. You really are trapped on an island, aren't you?

    Your puppies are adorable! That is hilarious that someone actually makes clothing out of her dog's hair! Five stars for the idea;-)

    So when are you going to whip up some tunes and post them for us??? Riahna and I want to hear Elvis sing!-)

  6. Alyssa, tunes? Me and Elvis? Who knows, the right day, the right wine, it could happen, but please don't hold your breath, I don't want you to turn blue.
    Yep, me and the boys are trapped here, but don't feel bad for K. She is trapped in the land of shopping malls with a couple of credit cards. She'll be fine. 🙂

  7. great poochies – I can see and read what a hard life they have . I have two furbabies. I haven't figured out a way to keep them off the furniture. they were both supposed to be non-shedders. WRONG. I am forever vacuuming long white hair from heir tails. I think they should be bald by now…LOL

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