Moving Day

It was an exciting weekend, watching K move all her hobby supplies in to her new studio, seeing the huge smiles as she loaded the shelves for the first time. Most of these things have been in storage since last March when we packed up the old condo. This was her first chance to explore her treasures since then. She lovingly loaded the shelves, her graceful hands pausing to caress a colorful fabric, trace the lines of an object, or to gently re-adjust the position of a tool or instruction book.
Her grandparent’s old house was demolished a few years ago and she managed to secure the mantle-piece from it. That is now on the wall of her studio. I hope to get an electric fireplace to put in it. We also took a leather chair from the house to put beside the mantle, a place I plan to curl up in with my laptop while she creates many beautiful things.
On Sunday we took the dogs for a long walk. The sky was clear, but the wind off the water was bitter cold. That didn’t seem to matter to the boys, they were having too much fun racing about and snuffling everything in sight, so we had to tough it out for a while. That coffee was truly welcome when we finally got back into the warmth of the cottage.
In the afternoon we moved on to another of our traditions, the decorating. This is a delightful process and we like to drag it out a bit. K puts up the tree and decorates it as well as the house. I hold things, pass stuff to her, fetch things, observe and advise, make tea and serve it; just generally being the go-fer. We chat, discuss, look, confer, change things around, observe again, etc. This is my favorite part of the season.
Here’s another member of the supervisory staff checking things out.

19 thoughts on “Moving Day

  1. Isn't it wonderful to get settled and have the move behind you? And when your things have been boxed up for that long, it's almost like Christmas when you open them back up and go through them! Love your dog. He looks like a sweetheart!

  2. K must be so happy. I sometimes take a night just to go over some mementos–or treasures, as you put it.
    I dislike the holiday rush. The holidays should be a time to slow down, just like you describe.

  3. I loved reading this and hearing the love and peace in your words. I wish I had a cosy little studio to which I could retreat. What beautiful art does K create? You mentioned fabric and I adore fabric. Also, your said Bran looks like he's wearing mascara, one of my dogs, Toula, looks like her eyes are lined like Cleopatra. She's quite proud!

  4. Hi Ginger, K is a quilter, knitter, she does crochet, and makes jewelry, she draws, plays the Irish drum, well, I could go on, but… tee hee

    Yes, Bran is our girly dog, but he is also the athlete of the pack. He would run all day and ask for more. Poor guy should have been a farm dog. 🙂

  5. Hi Prudence, I hope that I'm not to late to the party. My son and daughter-in-law came to visit for a long weekend and they just left. I had taken a few days off from social media. Sigh. Yes it was a nice break. But now to catch up with everyone's blogs.

    How nice it must feel to have finished your project. It sounds so warm and cozy. That's good, because with winter arriving you're going to need it. Enjoy! 🙂

  6. Oh my goodness – moving in December – yikes! Or is it just "still unpacking" in December? Whichever, glad you found some together time and are getting all established now.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  7. Hi Patricia, no, we actually moved into our cottage last spring. This move was my partner K moving in to the craft studio we built for her. We built it ourselves. I will post a full "how it was done" with pictures soon.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  8. When things have been in storage for a while, each item is a treasure remembered and celebrated. Even the mundane rise up and catch our hearts. thanks for posting and the good memories

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