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It’s time to tell you about the writing of Lady Seeker now. This was an odd one for me. I had the story in my mind, but no main character. Usually, the character comes to me first then tells me her story. This one was so very different. I let it sit for a while, just making notes, but not having any clear vision for the girl. Finally, in the throes of panic  I began to write down events and traits from my own life. She began to come to life then. No, she’s not me and I’m not her, but we do share a few common traits and similar events in our backgrounds.

Lady Seeker Front


Get your copy today before the next book comes out. 🙂

Those of you who know me well will know which traits Lennie has gained from me, and which bits of life experience we share. However, her ease of finding things is not one of them, I lose stuff all the time.

Okay, now a teaser for you from Watcher and the Warrior.

Lacy scooped up her backpack and hurried out of the alley. She’d put up one hell of a fight, but she’d been finished and she knew it. Lady Blue. Her stalker was Lady Blue. Why? Why in the name of all the gods was that nightmare stalking her. Lacy had no fear of any human, she’d fight any who came along, but legend had it Lady Blue wasn’t human. She’d seen what the woman was capable of. That was not a fight Lacy was in a hurry to face.

Okay, that’s all you get until the book comes out in a few days from now. Enjoy!



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  1. Every time I visit you Pru, I can’t get over how much I love your new Website. Maybe it’s the color, since green is so soothing. I can only imagine the feeling you had. It’s awfully tough to write a story without a main character. So glad you worked through that one. 🙂

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