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I was asked the other day, “What’s SUVI all about?”  Well, this:

Enslaved as a child, her DNA altered until she was barely half human, Jeannie Sorenson still managed to engineer her escape back to the ship that brought her to that deadly planet. Could the humans accept her now that she was half alien? Could she learn to interact with them and still retain her freedom? And why the hell did they keep asking her for answers when they didn’t want to hear them?


What’s that?  You want a peek between the covers?  Okay, here goes:

It took a few hours for them to explore what was left of the original colony.  SUVI 3 showed them where the colonists were buried in a mass grave.  They didn’t try to disturb that, but moved on.

The colony had been abandoned in a hurry and a surprising amount of equipment remained salvageable.  Six more workers were transported down to help with the demolition and salvage operation.  The day was well along when Suvi-jean’s head came up and she was sniffing the air.  “Thirteen?”

“I smell them.”

“Get our people inside the ship, quickly.”

Thirteen sped to the task and Suvi-jean ran off in the direction from which she sensed the danger.  Dammit, she’d been too distracted, they were close and moving fast.  She turned and ran.  Jake was waiting at the hatch when she arrived.

“Get in,” he shouted, “get in.”  His weapon barked three times and a creature toppled to its side, kicking as its companions sped past it.  Suvi-jean leaped through the hatch and Jake slammed it closed behind her.  “Take her up.”

So, intrigued yet?  Now, get your copy today, ’cause I’ve already started work on the next book in the series. 🙂




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