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Hi folks, as you may recall from my last post, we are trying to decide the title of my next book. The manuscript is ready; all we need now it the final title and a cover. Last time I posted an excerpt that leads to Hunter as the title; today I will post another that hints at the second option, Offspring. We’ve already met the hunter, now I will introduce the offspring. Here’s a look at one of the characters. Guess which one she is.
Tracy sighed as she lowered her eyes. Dammit, why did it always have to be this way, this guy was cute and attentive. Why the hell couldn’t she just shut it off and enjoy the date. She couldn’t though. Shut it off. It was always there. Ever since she was a child she’d been able to see it. Fighting herself all the way, Tracy allowed her eyes to shift then linger for a moment on an attractive young man at the next table. Her date’s smile never faded, not at all, but she saw the shift as slight as it was.

All her instincts were screaming now, and Tracy spent the rest of the dinner being as attentive to her date as possible, trying to sooth him without appearing to sooth him.  At length, the dinner ended and he drove her home, obviously hoping for an invitation in.  He wasn’t going to get one. He walked her to the door, then put his arms around her and leaned in for a kiss. Tracy placed her hands firmly on his chest, then kissed his cheek and stepped back.  “Thanks for a lovely evening,” she smiled softly. 

“Uh, yeah, sure.  Can I call you?” She could see him clearly now, the tightly controlled anger and disappointment were dancing in the air all around him.

“Sure,” she replied, as she stepped back through the door and closed it firmly, snapping the locks into place. She watched through the peep hole as he stalked back to his car and drove away, the tires squealing their protest at the sudden acceleration.

“Another winner?” came an old woman’s voice from the darkened living room.

“Did you see him, Gran?” Tracy sighed deeply as she walked slowly into the room and sank into a chair. Her grandmother’s energy surrounded her, soothed her, and Tracy sighed again as she let her tenseness slip away.

“Didn’t have to see him, honey, I could feel him from here. That was close.”

“Where are all the good ones, Gran?”

“Darned if I know,” chuckled the old woman, the skin around her eyes crinkling with mirth, “or I’d be there myself.”

Tracy giggled as she polished her glasses then replaced them on her face. “So, what about that guy in the car?”

“Is he still watching you, Tracy?  Dammit anyway, I like this house, I like this town, and I’m getting too old for all this running. I was really hoping to stay this time.” The old woman’s energy drew back, gathering about her protectively.

Tracy shivered as that warmth withdrew. Ah well, keep your defenses up, that’s what had kept them free for so long. “I know Gran, I know. Can you get a read on this guy? He hasn’t made any moves at all, but I’ve seen him way too often in the past few days. He’s making me a bit crazy.”

“Oh?  Why?”

“He looks good, you know, when I look him over, he shines okay. I know he doesn’t want to hurt me, possess me, or anything else, but I just can’t get a clear read on him. Can you take a look for me?”

“Show me, honey.” With a soft groan of protest, the old woman rose heavily from her chair and made her way toward the window. She peered out the window at the parked car down the block for a long moment.  “Government.”

 * * * * *

As always, feedback is welcome and respectfully requested. I really do want you folks to weigh in on this one.

So, feedback from the first excerpt; first I caught flack from my editor for posting a pre-edit excerpt. Sigh, my bad. (Hangs head and goes to the penalty box. Two minutes in the box, feeling great shame.) I also got a lot of really good feedback, and trust me folks, your suggestions will be incorporated into the final version.

The ROW80 Goals
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Done! Success!
2.      Get the next project over 15K words
Done! Success!
3.      If Ms. Crawford gets the first project back to me in time, finish the second draft during this round. If not then I will finish and hopefully publish it during the last round.
           We’re almost there!
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