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Hi folks,

I was waiting a bit in hopes to show you a new update for an old favorite, but the publication process got behind again. Not so unusual, but there it is. I’ll probably have that for you in a couple of days.

This time I’ll tell you about the fourth book in the Nova Series, Claimstake. Usually my stories are inspired by good things, but not so much this one.  I’d been thinking about a few spots in my life when I gave my all for certain people, but the results weren’t anything like what I expected. That’s life, sometimes you put it all out there and get slapped down for your efforts. The steps are as follows, first you endure, then when you can’t anymore you pick yourself up and move on, and then you start over. This is called growth whether you want it or not. Yeah, I know, you’ve been there too.

That’s what Claimstake is about, enduring,  moving on, and new beginnings. It is also about finding your strength. In Claimstake a young woman finds her strength, strength she didn’t know she had, a strength she never dreamed of, a strength no one expected her to have. Yeah, a good number of us have been there too.

Claimstake by Prudence MacLeod


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Okay, so that’s it for today. Next time I’ll tell you about Red Nova, definitely in the top five of my favorite stories I’ve written.



2 thoughts on “More on the Nova Series

  1. Why is it you never talk about the children of the goddess series. That is, In my opinion, the best series you have written. I love each book for it has camaraderie in each story.

    1. Hi Thurman, I have one more to go with the Nova Series then I’ll do the Children of the Goddess next.

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