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So, in the last two posts I’ve told you about how the Vampires came to be and how one was raised to be king. We also learned how the werewolves came to be under his protection. It’s didn’t end there. First they came into existence in this tale.


Harald’s reign as king had barely begun before he was embroiled in a war to save the werewolves as we learned in this tale.


But that wasn’t the end, merely the beginning. The king soon learned of more non-humans and knew he had to find them a sanctuary, a place to keep them out of the public eye. I’ll tell you of that search and more in just a few days from now. The next tale in this series is called Vampire’s Lair. Here’s a peek between the covers:

Blood slowly dripped from the blade of the axe held tightly in her hand. Although the drops made no sound as they hit the mossy forest floor, she was keenly aware of each and every drop slipping away, watching its painfully slow descent to the ground. Each drop that fell held her transfixed as if it was the only thing in her world.
A flicking tongue licked hungry lips as another droplet fell towards the moss as though in slow motion. She fought for control, to break the maddening focus brought on by the searing need for blood. “Control, must regain control. Hungry, so hungry, burning thirst …”
A soft voice cut through the fog in her brain. “What’s your name? Think, girl, what’s your name, tell me.” It wasn’t actually a voice, just a memory of a voice heard ages ago, but it was enough.
“Marlene,” she gasped, “my name is Marlene.” That did it. The rest of the world snapped back into focus.
The baying of the dog and the shouts of the men were clear to her now. Gripping the axe tightly, she ducked behind a large tree and fought the distracting scent of blood. “The damned bear can wait,” she muttered, as she allowed her body to change into the vampire’s killing mode. “I need to feed.”

So, keep a sharp eye out for the Vampire’s Lair, coming soon.



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