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Last time I told you about the writing of Lady Justice. today I’ll tell you some fun stuff bout Lady Shadow.  The tale of Lady Shadow begins with my beloved partner, K.  after finishing one of my books, she remarked about my wild imagination. I had been trying to find an idea for the next book in the Children of the Goddess series. K’s remark triggered the idea. What about a priestess with a wild imagination? What if that was given free reign? As I sat to the computer, Lady Shadow came to dictate her story.

Lady Shadow Front


Hey, that’s not the end of things. A few days after Lady Shadow went live, I got a strange e-mail from the Netherlands. We got the picture for the cover from a photography website. No idea who the girl was. The e-mail was from her mom. We chatted through the mail a few times and became friends. I sent a signed copy of he book to them. Here’s a pic of our happy cover model, Nikita.


These folks have a bridal shop in the Netherlands. Check it out here:

Well, that’s it for today, folks. Next time I’ll tell you about Lady Seeker.

Lady Seeker Front


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