Moira, Book #4 in the St. John’s series.

Hi folks, here we are with another book in the St. John’s series of romances. I originally wrote the St. John’s series back around the turn of the century. I began at the request of a friend (a psychologist) who was looking for tools that could help folks overcome emotional trauma. She liked my life philosophy and wanted a self-help book, but a series of romances seemed like it would be more interesting and fun to read. The St. John’s series was the result. I had lived there before and loved the city.

As life would have it, the series remained on my computer, read by only a few friends, for many years. When I began self-publishing I debated long and hard about putting these stories up for the public or just let them rest. Eventually I published book #6 of the series to see if I could market them. Mildred and Cecile did quite well, so I decided to bring out the rest of the novels in the series.

The series begins with Calan #1, Angela #2, Clan MacLeod #3, and now I have added Moira #4.
Moira is the story of a survivor, a young woman who has seen the underbelly of our society and lived to tell the tale. Moira takes a desperate gamble and her luck changes. Using her street smarts to help her escape to a new life, Moira encounters a new possibility. Once again she pushes her luck. Here’s where you can find Moira:
I hope you’re enjoying this series and I hope Moira will not disappoint. Enjoy.
Later this month or early next I hope to publish my book on vampires. This promises to be my best work by far. You can see the first draft of the first chapter here:

18 thoughts on “Moira, Book #4 in the St. John’s series.

  1. You are a prolific writer, Prudence! In case you weren't aware. 😉 I say you give your book out as valentines…perhaps a sample here, too??

    Big time congrats on your accomplishments.

  2. Mildred and Cecile was number 6 in St. John's? I loved that one and reread it frequently! I can relate to Mildred's lonliness and love the tenderness that she finds with Cecile. She found both home and love in a beautiful story. I can't wait to read Moira. Unfortuantely it will have to wait a week or so, but I look forward to going back to St. John's in the pages of your book.

  3. This was such a cool book! It was the perfect time for me to take a break from reality and visit Prudence MaCleod's world. I read the first chapter of the fifth book at the end of book four, and now I'm dying to finish it! Thanks for all your hard work, Pru!

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