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Let me introduce you to a truly compelling character. Here’s our first look at her. On a far-off alien world, a near naked woman sat on a cold cell floor, her eyes closed, her posture serene, patiently waiting for that cell door to open for the last time.  How did she get there?  It began this way.

This is where the saga began, This is how:

In the year of 2221, old Earth reckoning, the first of the five great ships set out.  Each ship carried ten thousand settlers, all highly skilled, extremely intelligent, people who were anxious to extend mankind’s reach into the galaxy.

They all believed they would be in constant contact with the rest of the colonies, but that’s not what happened. Soon after the third ship was launched, a war devastated Earth.  The last two ships barely made it into open space. There were few survivors left on the home planet, and they didn’t last long.

The man whose vision the great ships were, had foreseen this, and hatched a plot in secret.  Each colony was dropped off then abandoned forever with no way off the world on which they had landed. Mankind had been seeded into the galaxy, and the visionary’s hope was, even if only a few of the colonies managed to survive, mankind would continue to exist.

He had no way to know if he had succeeded or not, but he had.  The great ships, once they’d dropped off the colonists, returned to Earth for another group of settlers, but they found it devastated and uninhabitable.

They gathered at a single ship, chose one by lots, then robbed the other four for fuel and supplies.  The idea was to find a new planet to start a colony of their own from the combined crews. Mankind had perished on the home world, but lived on, alone in forgotten places.  

That is, until the one ship returned.  The one ship had wandered for many years until the captain gave up the search and returned to where he’d dropped off his original colonists, hoping they would welcome more settlers.  It didn’t go as he’d planed.

That’s where the saga began. Now we’ve reached a new level of the woman’s story. Here’s the latest episode in the story of that mutated woman. Here is FLEET:

So, dig into the ongoing saga, and get to know that woman, she’s an interesting character, and she meets a number of truly interesting folk on her journey.

Happy reading and lots of it in the new decade that’s just begun.



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