To anyone who doesn’t know her well this would seem like depression. She seems to lack motivation, having to force herself to do her basic household chores. The days grow longer and the sun has some warmth in it, but that warmth does not reach into the aching joints of her hands.

It is March; she sits idly gazing out at the bright day knowing it’s all a lie. “No Mister March, I know you all too well. Far too often over the years I have fallen for your lies, but not this time.” The Ides of March? No, the lies of March. March dangles a bright sunny day before her eyes, but she doesn’t buy it.

In the past she would have, cheerfully leashing the dogs, grabbing a light coat, and heading for the hills only to be caught in a sudden snow squall and spending a week coughing and sneezing for her trouble. No, she will wait for April, or perhaps even May before putting away the wool sweaters.

Still, the dying winter sits heavily on her shoulders, her bed unmade, her dishes unwashed, and her blog post late; her knitting lying idly in her hands. Who is this poor tormented soul?

Why, it’s Prudence MacLeod. Depression? No, just Prudence between writing projects with too many voices in her head, too much time on her hands, and too many aches in her body that normally get ignored. March is always like this for me. Once I get fully focused on a new project it will all change.

In the meantime, rather than bitch and whine three times a week, I will only post here on Sundays and Thursdays.
So, see you next time folks; I promise to be more upbeat on Sunday.

4 thoughts on “March

  1. I so feel this post, Pru!

    I have been walking each day the weather is decent, and one or both children have joined me. The last two days, we've taken the dog, and I have cracked a couple of windows to freshen the air in the house.

    I know winter is still about, and will resurface at some points, but I am going to stretch slowly outward, into the world, again…

    And still, I have achy hands, and achy knees, and an achy back tht will all be happier when the spring truly thaws…

    Today, we noticed that the neighbors' crocuses are just poking up their first leaves. Ours aren't up yet, but they will be, soon, I hope.

    Enjoy your rest, at the end of a project and a season. I suspect you will be more creative, at the end of the dreaming time! =)

  2. March is a bitch, Pru. Even here in sunny Florida, I feel its heavy handedness. I'm tired of all the sicknesses that have rampaged our household over winter and tired of being cold. I feel like I'm moving in slow motion, no motivation, just waiting for the warmth of spring. And the renewed motivation that comes with it. Hang in there, girl! And take care of you.

  3. Hi Shannon. March to me is like walking uphill through knee deep running water. It's just one hard slog, but I found a solution. I went and got my hair colored. It makes my world look better.

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