Making Things, the Studio, Part Two

Hi folks, we’re here to take another look at the evolution of the studio. In part one I spoke of the beginning phases of the construction, setting the foundation, framing and insulating the floor, putting up the walls, etc.
The next step was the upper section, the storage loft, the rafters, sheeting the roof, and last of all the shingles. Today I put up the last of the shingles and the ridge cap. All that ladder climbing has taken a nasty toll on my poor old body. I now ache in places where I didn’t know I had places. On the bright side, I’m in better shape now than I have been in years. A few days rest and I’ll be ready for anything.
That’s my beloved up the ladder, isn’t she cute, and a fine hand with a hammer too.
I will add a part three once we have the door and windows in, the siding on and painted, etc. Dear gods, there’s no end to it, is there? Tee hee

1 thought on “Making Things, the Studio, Part Two

  1. Wow, you two really are ambitious! Dare I ask if the elevated slope to the roof is an indication of the weather you have there? All soreness aside, that is a wonderful looking setup. I built a green house of very similar dimensions in the spring, but all I needed to use for a roof was corrugated fiber glass. Your studio looks built to last!

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