Making Progress

Hi folks, we had a few rainy days last week, but the weekend has come out sunny (sort of) and the building of the studio extension is progressing nicely. (Better than my WIP) Yesterday we put in the windows and door. See?

Today has been an effort to get the siding on. Yep, we’re getting there.

K has been making rhubarb jam, but even after the harvest the plant looks the same. You can’t even tell where she pulled the stalks for the jam. Awesome.

This summer I plan to dig up more of that blasted excuse for a lawn and plant more food. Grow food, not lawns! Not only do you get free food, but look at all the money you save on lawn care.
On to ROW80.

 Sadly, I must admit to a slow week this week. I think I’m safe to claim 4K words and a number of blogs read and commented on, but that’s about all. Too much of my writing time fell to unexpected trips to town and other errands this past week. (the dentist for example)

The plan for the upcoming week is a bit more self-discipline and a bit more progress on the WIP. I also hope to get some work done on the June edition of the newsletter.

So tell me what you’ve been up to this week. Having barrels of fun I hope. Let me know how you’re doing, I love to hear from you.

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9 thoughts on “Making Progress

  1. Hey Prudence, it's really coming along. Looks great. Quite a project you've taken on. Looks like it's almost finished. And you're still pushing the rhubarb I see. I see lots of pie and jam in your near future. lol. Me? I'm having a great visit with my sister and took a quick break to come by and say hi! Have a wonderful week! 🙂

  2. Thanks Chris, I have always enjoyed building stuff. I do plan to scale back the writing a bit for the few summer months we get here. I want to play outdoors for a while.

  3. Hi Kristy, actually this studio is for my partner who is a jewelry designer and wire artist. I'm planning to build my own next. maybe I should have been a carpenter, what do you think? hehehe

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