Making Progress

Hi folks, here we are in October already. I don’t know about you, but I seem to have lost September somewhere.  Anyway, it is time for a progress report, both on life in general and on ROW80.

First the preparations for winter; the wood stove installation is nearly complete. We are at the stage where we can actually have a fire in it if we choose to do so; just a bit of finishing work to go.


 I have to tell you folks, this group is what keeps me going. Over the past month or so I had lots to do and could easily have let the writing slide completely. It was that nagging thought that I had to check in to RWO80 twice a week that made me find the time to get a bit of writing done. This week is no exception.

1.      Write 5000 words per week until first draft of WIP is complete.
The week is young and already I have managed 3000 words. I have great expectations this week.

2.      Accept more requests for interviews. (Currently I only do about one in five. Bad me!
I’m told I need to open up and get over my shyness.)
Okay, I’m ready folks. If you want an interview, I’m ready. Oh, if you would like to be interviewed, drop me a line and we’ll do it. It might be more fun to be the interviewer. Tee hee

3.      Read and comment on at least one blog per day.
I love reading blogs and am always on the lookout for something new. This one was easy and I may have set the bar a bit low here. Ah well, it was a success and I’ll take it.
So that’s it for my check in folks. Let me know how you’re doing and we can cheer each other on.  See you again on Sunday!

Oh, don’t forget the interview thing, you -me or me-you. Could be a lot of fun!

4 thoughts on “Making Progress

  1. Hi Jenn, yes, I've needed that ROW80 check-in to get me going more than once. Love to swap interviews. I'll see if I can think up a few questions you can have some fun with this weekend. 🙂

  2. Hi Pat, yep, the stove was purchased to be our backup in case of a power outage this winter. We usually get a few of those during the big storms. I think there may be a few snowy days spent reading beside that warm fire, though. 🙂 I can hardly wait to get it completely finished.

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