Lucky Seven

Ok, my turn on the lucky seven. First, my apologies to the many of you who have tagged me already. I meant to jump in early, but life got in the way, and in the confusion that ensued I have forgotten exactly who all has tagged me. On that note, I will offer a do-over. Leave a comment reminding me of your tag and I’ll have another go expressing my thanks for your kind thoughts.
However, for this time, I will first thank Charis Maloy for her tag.
Now the rules: Go to page 77 of your WIP then go to line 7. Post the next 7 lines, just as they are, into your blog post.
If your WIP is not long enough, go to page 7
Next tag seven bloggers you like.

Oddly enough, upon close inspection, I actually have 7 WIPs, so here the excerpt from one.
“On a primitive planet, at the galactic rim, you will find she whom you seek,” Modra whispered into Jen-jen’s ear, then she collapsed back onto the bed; her spirit had left, and Modra was no more. She still had that blissful look on her face. Young Branah shivered to his core and looked away.
            As Jen-jen gently removed the cloak of office from the old woman’s body, a page burst into the room and ran toward her.  “Master Jen-jen, you are commanded to attend the Emperor at once,” he shouted as he stretched to his fullest height.
            Jen-jen smiled and patted him on the shoulder as she stepped past him.   “Tell the emperor that I am busy at the moment, but I will grant him an audience at the first moment of opportunity,” she said clearly.  The page’s face went ashen.  His head would soon leave his shoulders if he were to deliver that message to the emperor.”
Ok, there it is in all its first draft glory.  Now for seven bloggers you should check out.
Jennette Marie Powell:
Ok, folks, you’re it.
Remember to leave a comment if you have already tagged me and I’ll do it again. Thanks for indulging a forgetful old lady.

10 thoughts on “Lucky Seven

  1. Sally's comment made me burst out in laughter. I can't have multiples going at the same time either or I mess up my mojo – so to speak. Something about that entire first paraghraph speaks to me. Nicely done, Prudence. 🙂 Thanks for the tag! I posted my seven here. They fell where they fell. Meh.

  2. I know, I know, (hangs head and shuffles feet) but I get an idea for a story and just have to write it down. If I counted re-writes it could go to ten. No, Sally, don't shoot.. aaaahhhhh!

  3. You are gonna love this, Chloe was in my lap when I pulled up this page and immediately piped up with "that's Pru bein' silly" Then promptly wondered where the pictures of Pru and I together are! try explaining an internet based friendship to a four year old!! too cute!

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