Lucky Number Seven

Hi folks,

Well, I have to admit I’m feeling good, smug even, now that we have finished updating the entire St. John’s series of romances. They’ve all got new edits, and awesome new covers. The last one was Wildflower, my favorite, which just went live again. About twenty years ago I fell in love with an old house by the sea. She was a real beauty and indeed, inspired the setting for this story. You can read all about her here.


Get your copy today so you’ve got the whole set.

Okay, what I’m working on now. The second book in the Elvish Chronicles has gone from the editor to the publisher.   We’re still looking for the right artwork for the cover, but we expect the book to arrive on the virtual shelves later this month. The current manuscript in progress on my computer is the next story in the Children of the Wild series. I’ll tell you more about that one as it grows.

So, that the news from me today, the hurricane force winds didn’t blow me away and I’m still working.



2 thoughts on “Lucky Number Seven

    1. Hey Kassandra. I’ll let Charis know, she’ll be pleased. Her covers just keep getting better and better.

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