Hi folks,

Yes I was lost, lost in thought.  I know, we all go there from time to time, but the older I get the harder it is to find my way back.  So, as I recall, I promised you a sneak peek at the next book ing the Forgotten Worlds series (the SUVI series).  Okay, here we go:

“The two armored combatants faced off again as the taller surged back to his feet.  They circled each other, watching for an opening.  Suddenly he feinted with his left then attacked from the right, but his smaller opponent had read the move.  She ducked low and felled him with a leg sweep.

He landed hard on his back and groaned as he unstrapped his helmet then slowly stood up.  She’d backed off and was signaling him to come at her again.  The man tossed aside his helmet and began to unfasten the armor as he turned his back and walked away.  “Hey, come on, we’re not done.”

“I’m done,” he grumbled as he pulled off the armor then left without even glancing back at her.

Sheila Singh, Chief of Security, sighed, watching with mixed emotions while her lover left without another word.  “Yes, I guess you are at that.”  She was reaching to remove her helmet when the ship suddenly lurched and spun, sending her flying.”

Okay, that’ll give you a hint of what’s coming up.  Remember, the series starts with SUVI:


Hopefully that will pique your interest, now I’ll go back to work on the next one.  It just gets better and better. 🙂



Your thoughts?

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