Looking Ahead

Hi folks,
Well, another week has passed, and although I have done almost no writing, I have been a busy girl. There has been much shopping done, some visiting, wrapping, secret keeping, tree decoration supervision, kitchen experimentation, and numerous other interesting and fun things accomplished.

My purpose here today is to simply wish you all joy of the holiday season by whatever name you call it. Around this Anglo-Irish community the resounding call is, “Merry Christmas!” That is my wish for all of you.

ROW80 Check-in
Well, another year has passed and although no goals were reached this week either, this past year has been a resounding success. ROW80 and all the support of my fellow ROWers has played a major role in seeing me stick to the keyboard. Thank you one and all.

So, this past week I did little actual writing unless you count the small pile of notes roughly outlining the six to eight novels I hope to produce in the coming year. I also hope to do some revamping and reissuing of some of my earlier works. Rest assured I will be tracking my progress in ROW80 throughout 2014.
May a rain of blessings fall upon you, one and all,


5 thoughts on “Looking Ahead

  1. And to you, Pru. I hope your Christmas was wonderful, and that for the remainder of the year, you get to relax, write and enjoy the company of beloved friends and family.

    May the New Year bring you new goals, new experiences, and new equipment in WoW. 😀

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