Lady Blue

Hi folks,

Sometimes life brings you unexpected surprises.  Recently my better half had two heart attacks and two open heart surgeries, in two days.  Two weeks later she developed a blood clot in her lung.  She is on the mend now, making slow but steady progress back to the force of nature she truly is.

However, as you might guess, her care plus the added chores she always did for the family have fallen to me, cutting deeply into my writing time.  Now, imagine my surprise and delight to find one of my books, and the rest of the series, enjoying a renewed level of success.  Here’s the latest review for Lady Blue.

“This is such a great action/love story book. I can’t wait to read the next one. I wasn’t really sure about this but there is nothing but action action action.”


And just for luck, here’s another of the reviews for Lady Blue.

“Absolutely loved this book, literally did not put it down till I had finished it…..really spiked my interest as I am a spiritual person and believe in the goddesses. Will definitely be looking out for any more books by Prudence MacLeod.”

So, here’s me saying thank you to everybody who bought and enjoyed Lady Blue, because of you I’ve been able to keep the family afloat during this difficult time.  I love each and every one of you.



Your thoughts?

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