Kissed by Fire

Hi folks, as promised here the book review of Kissed by Fire.

Kissed by Fire is the second book in Shea MacLeod’s Sunwalker Saga. I read the first book, Kissed by Darkness several months ago and loved it. Kissed by Fire has been on my TBR list for some time and I finally got a chance to read it. I literally didn’t put it down. I curled up in my reading chair and read the entire book, completely lost in another world and the adventures of one Morgan Bailey.

Shea is a great storyteller, and in Kissed by Fire she does not disappoint. Madcap vampire hunter, Morgan Bailey, is more badass than ever, the mystery even harder for her to solve, and as usual, her lively libido will distract her from time to time.

Kissed by Fire is like a great action movie, the villains are nasty, the heros gritty, and the action fast paced. I had a lot to do that evening, but I sat and read the whole book instead; I’m not one bit sorry.
Great work, Shea. Five stars.

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Now here’s a reminder of the free books and Bling offer. Folks, just as I promised, it is time for some giveaways. Why? Well, think of it as reader appreciation time. You wonderful people have been extremely good to me and I want you to know it. The outpouring of warmth and support after my car accident was both heartwarming and humbling.

So, here’s the deal. Two of my books will be free for the rest of September. If you download a book, let me know and I will enter your name for a draw at the end of the month. There will be two draws, so let me know which one you want (or both). Next month will a new contest so keep checking back.

The first draw is for a $25.00 gift certificate from The Purple Raven Boutique.

The second draw is for a $25.00 coupon towards editing services from Powder River Editing.

Okay, now on to the free books. If you like romance, here’s a coupon for Moira. Just click the link and use this code: HX83V

If you prefer action, adventure, aliens, psychic attacks, with a bit of romance tossed in for spice, here’s the code for Hunter. GK96A

Remember to let me know so I can enter your name in the right draw.

ROW80 Check-in.
The goal for the remainder of this round was to get my WIP as close to 40K words as possible. I’ve reached 35K but I don’t think I’ll get much farther. There are two reasons for this. 

One, my computer died and I have ordered a replacement, but it will be mid-October before I have it up and running. For now I will be sharing with my partner who also runs a small business. This means my computer time will be limited.

Two, it is cooling off and I have a number of outside tasks to complete in preparation for winter. Now just seemed like the opportune time to get them done.

Anyway, I will still be shooting at that goal.  I know life gets in the way of writing. How have you dealt with this when your writing plans get derailed?

Remember to let me know which draw you want to be in.

11 thoughts on “Kissed by Fire

  1. Life does have a way of interrupting the writing, doesn't it? When it happens to me, the only thing I can do is deal with the other stuff, and get back to the writing when I can. It does help that I have multiple computers and back up all my writing to Dropbox; that way if something goes kerplooie, I can get on one of the other machines and pick up where I left off. Good luck getting your stuff taken care of! I downloaded Hunter and I'm looking forward to reading. 😀

  2. Bleh. Always a bummer when the computer goes down. No matter how you prepare for it, it's still a pain to deal with.

    I've had times of computer-less writing where I've even gone back to writing with pen and paper. It's a bit cumbersome, but at least I'm able to get the ideas out of my head while there fresh.

    Best of luck!

  3. I know, me too, that's why I always have two separate back up places for my stuff. I knew it was on the way out, but thought I could get a few more months out of it. Wrong! Oh well, it will be fun to play with the new one.

  4. Oh no, your computer died?!! I'm so attached to my laptop, I'm thinking of naming it. I would hate it if my computer failed. Bless your heart! Hang in there. 35k sounds quite nice. Best wishes getting it all put together in October.

  5. Yep, dang thing just hiccuped once then ceased to function. The shell was cracked in places and the battery was toast as well. Time for a descent burial and a new kid on the desk. Dell is in the mail. 🙂
    Thanks for the encouragement, Julie. 🙂

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