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Have you ever had one of those days? You know what I mean, the kind of day when you wonder why the heck you keep doing what you do. When it seems like you’re bustin’ your butt for nothing, like you’re working harder for diminishing returns, do you ever ask yourself “Why do I bother?” Ever want to throw your arms in the air and just quit? Do you wonder if it is worth the effort? I sure do and I’ll bet you do to every once in a while. 
I was having one of those days. Sales were down, blog views were down, blog comments were down and the few I got seemed like the folk were struggling for something to say. Can we say depressing? When you hit that wall of despair you need something to tell you why you do what you do. Here’s what worked for me that day. (Yesterday)
First, I re-read the latest review of the last book I published, Clan MacLeod. Here it is:
“BUY THIS BOOK!!! No really, buy it… right now. If you don’t have Calan and Angela, buy them too! In a world of looking out for number one and technology enforced loneliness, Prudence MacLeod shows us that there is another, probably better, way. In Calan and Angela she has found teachers with a voice we want to hear. Buy the book, share it with a friend. Perhaps if we can all learn how to look out for one another, then the basic human needs that we set so much store in will be fully met by one another, and we will be better off than if we fulfilled the needs within ourselves. I dare you to read one of Prudence’s books and NOT crave more.
Wow, someone read my work and really enjoyed it, better yet, they “got” it. Yep, that’s why I do what I do and that’s why I’ll keep doing it.  Now, here’s what yesterday had for me.
I was visiting friends and they were telling me of an encounter with an unhappy old man. It was a shared ride and they needed to be dropped off at the university. The old fellow began complaining that if the girls were dropped off first, as was the arrangement, he would be late for his appointment. He continued to complain until A wanted to strangle him. Instead she asked herself, “What would Pru do?”
From there it was easy, she asked the driver to drop the old guy off first, saying it was ok, no problem. The old guy continued to complain and didn’t have the grace to thank her, but she still felt good about what she had done. She also did not have to share in the old fellow’s bad mood.
When I hear things like this, how can I be depressed? How can I not want to keep doing what I do? How can I not continue to seek ways to be a better person? How can I not be uplifted by these things? We all impact the lives of others, and it is both gratifying and humbling to get this kind of feedback; it sure keeps me going.
So, tell me folks, what keeps you going? What shines the light into your dark times?
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14 thoughts on “Keeps Me Going

  1. I've had days like that too where I feel like if I have just one more disappointment I'm going to give up. But then something small happens (no reviews since I don't have a book out yet), and it reminds me that I can't give up. I've come too far, and in my own small way, I'm helping people.

  2. Oh, sometimes there are days! It always depends on what is happening in the day that keeps me going. Sometimes it's just a great cup of coffee. But most days it's remembering to find the joy in the actual writing. I may not be published yet, but right now I am loving my WIP and that is really the important thing. And I may not have that many blog hit, but I am forming relationships with the community of bloggers, especially the WANA bloggers. And that sense of community keeps me going. Great post! I love the idea of a WWsomebodyDo? I use that with two different people, depending on the situation. It usually motives me.

  3. Yes. I have those days often. The numbers aren't rising and I'm killing myself for one thing when I really want to be working on the other. Ugh! I guess we all have those days. You always find the bright side of things. Thanks Prudence. I have awarded you the Kreative Blogger Award.

  4. Now you have made my day! Wasn't sure how often authors read their reviews, but that was my review from the last time I was at internet access! Imagine my surprise to have it reprinted here when I log in as soon as I get access again!
    Waiting with bated breath for your next book!

  5. I got a wonderful review yesterday, so yes, that sure is a reminder! Then one of my beta readers emailed me and said she didn't want to stop reading my story to go read Rita entries – even better! Sometimes I just think about times when someone did something unexpected and nice. It can be something as little as the time a lawn care truck that was going really slow pulled off the road so traffic could pass (including me on my way to work). Or when the kids at my daughter's school elected a terminally-ill girl as prom queen. Congrats on the review, and thanks for sharing!

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