It’s the End of the World

Hi folks,

Okay, we’ve gotten through the third round of edits for the SUVI sequel, and are now moving on.  In the meantime, let me tell you about a couple of stand alone book to help  pass the time while we wait.

First, how about an end of the world, alien invasion, apocalyptic, battle for possession of planet Earth.   If you like them action packed, you’ll love Incoming.   Find it here:



Now, if a post-apocalyptic story is more to your liking, The Second is just the thing for you.  This one takes place long after the fall of mankind.  Find it here:



And if you want ghosts and demons to put you in the mood for Halloween, check out Dark Star.  She’s  right here.                                       Amazon

Dark Star by Prudence MacLeod

Okay, there’s a few stand alone stories for your reading pleasure.  Now I’ll get back to work and see if I can speed up the time frame for the next SUVI story.

Until next time


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