It’s a Matter of Survival

Hey folks,

Well, I’m still pumped about those great reviews, but now I want to tell you about the latest book inthe Forgotten Worlds series. (the SUVI series)  It’s titled SHIP, and here’s what it’s about.

When faced with a species determined to destroy every other form of life there is only one thing to do, survive, any way you can. So it becomes for the people of the Reacher, and to keep them alive, Suvi-jean Sorenson must release the tightly controlled warrior within her. Above all else, she is SUVI 5, the ultimate survivor.

Now, here’s where to find it:  Amazon   And here’s what to look for:

Don’t miss it, folks.  The story just gets better and better.

Now back to work.  On what?  It’s a secret project, something completely new, a bit different, and … oh dear, you’ll have to wait and see. tee hee



Your thoughts?

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