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Hi folks, it’s time for me to introduce you to another of my favorite authors. Today we have the lovely and talented Jennette Marie Powell with us.  

Jennette, thanks for coming and letting and letting us learn more about our favorite time travel author.J
JMP: Thanks so much for having me, Prudence!

P.M. Are you a full time author or do you have a day job too?
JMP: I have a full-time job as a software developer, which I’ve been for fifteen years. Prior to that, I worked as a graphic designer. It takes a lot of time, but it’s all been great preparation for publishing, as I’m a professional who can design my own covers and format my own books!

P.M. Tell me, why the fascination with time travel?
JMP: I have always enjoyed wondering, “what if” that happened differently? For example, I was supposed to go on a date the night before Labor day many years ago, but after talking to the guy a couple of times on the phone, knew he wasn’t for me, so I canceled. I went out with a friend instead, and met the man who would become my husband! Having that happen differently is not a what-if I like to contemplate, so I’m happy to stay in the present, and let my characters figure it out. J

P.M. One outstanding feature of your books is tension. Woman, you just never let those poor characters rest. I got tired just reading about them. Where did you learn to do that?
JMP: LOL I do love putting my characters through hell, and then watching them claw their way out! I’ve taken many writing workshops over the years, but one I most remember is agent Donald Maass’s “Breaththrough Novel” workshop. He told us that there should be tension on every page, and to ask questions like, how can this be worse? What would this character never do – and then put him in a situation where he’s forced to do that very thing.

P.M. What’s one of your favorite ways to come up with a character?
JMP: Often, I think of a situation first, and then ask, what kind of person would be most challenged by this? But sometimes, the characters just show up and tell me their names. Sounds easy, huh? It’s not – they don’t give up anything else that easily, I have to pry it out of them. Sometimes, a minor character ends up taking on a life of her own, which is what happened with Taylor Gressman, who got her own story in my Christmas short, “Time’s Holiday.”

PM. Quick stuff.
Book or e-reader? Both!

Pen and paper or computer? 
Computer – my hand cramps if I write very long, but I do use pen and printouts for revision.

When you work, dressed up or jammies?
Dressed – I write after I get home from work. One weekends, I still get dressed so I’m in a mindset to work, although usually in jeans or sweats.

Plotter or pantster? 
Plotter, big-time! For me, to not plan is to invite writers’ block.

Weekend of camping in the wild or weekend of shopping?
Hmm, I’m not too fond of either, to be honest. However, I enjoyed camping when I was a kid, so let’s go with that – provided there’s plenty of food and equipment, the weather’s nice, the bugs aren’t too bad, and I have plenty of books with me!

Prefer to write…Short story or novel?
Novel – I’ve completed seven. “Time’s Holiday” is the first short story I’ve written since creative writing class in college (a looooong time ago).
P.M. Okay, time to promote one of your books. What’s it about, where do we buy it?
Time’s Enemy is the first in my Saturn Society time travel series. It’s about an unwilling time traveler who only wants to do one thing: change the past, and prevent his daughter’s death. Unfortunately, that makes him the target of the powerful Saturn Society – which includes the woman he loves.

Time’s Enemy is available at Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Kobo Books | Smashwords| Apple  and many other online retailers.

P.M. Where else can we find more of your work?
J.M.P. My free short story, “Time’s Holiday,” is a prequel to Time’s Enemy

Along with Time’s Fugitive, Saturn Society Book 2, it’s available at Smashwords, Kobo Books, Amazon,* Barnes & Noble,Sony, and Apple.

More information is available on my website, Facebook, and Twitter.
Jennette, this was a lot of fun. Thanks for stopping in today.
Alright folks, run right over to the store and buy one of Jennette’s books, they’re great!

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  1. Nice interview, Jennette! With all the twists and turns and back and forth in time in your books, I don't see how you could be anything but a plotter!

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