Hi folks,

I just came across this new review.

Matthew J. Artibee
 reviewed Shadow Ascending (Children of the Goddess Book 7)  Great series to read!  November 11, 2019 I confess, I powered through all the books in this series and am looking forward to more from this author. What a wonderful mix of stories and characters. Read them, you won’t be disappointed.
Lady Blue is book #1 of this series

If there is ever any doubt if it’s worth it to review, let this dispel it. I’ve been fighting writer’s block for months, but this shattered it. I’ve actually got three new stories started, two are only a few paragraphs, but one, a new SUVI story, is already about 11K words and growing.

If you’ve enjoyed an author’s work, review it. That means as much to them as a great story does to you. 🙂

Okay, no more time to talk, I’ve got work to do.



Your thoughts?

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