In a Fog

Sometimes it is a blessing, having to wait. It is an odd thing about living on this small, almost forgotten island, the longest waits for ferry boats seems to be on Sunday mornings. As it happened, the day in question was Sunday, and there I was, waiting for a boat.
It had been a hectic morning, but I was sitting in the truck in enforced inactivity, a chance to catch my breath and reflect.

A deep fog bank had been blanketing the big bay for many days. It was still exceptionally thick on that morning. It was quite eerie in fact. Sound behaves differently in the fog. I could hear voices, some cursing, some laughing, and all from beyond range of vision, yet obviously close by. Somewhere. The barking of angry frightened dogs echoed everywhere. The mournful keening of a distant foghorn penetrated my consciousness like the forlorn cry of a soul lost at sea centuries past.

Suddenly something huge moved in the mist then disappeared again. It was there and gone in an instant. Huge and somehow foreboding, it moved in and out of my vision. It reappeared again and I realized it was the boat approaching the dock.

I chose to remain outside on the upper deck during the trip across. I could feel, more than hear, the thrum of the big engines far below. The boat slipped silently through the mist like a grey ghost.

I had a sense of her movement, but no visual clue of her passage. I could see neither where she was going nor where she had been In truth I could not see the water below my high perch. A gull’s soulful cry sounded nearby overhead, but I couldn’t see her either.

Eventually she docked and we all drove slowly and carefully off and up the hill. At the top of the hill the mists parted to grant us a bright sunny day in the city, yet down on the water all was still shrouded in heavy mist, a mist to which I was destined to return before the day was through.
Just another June day on the island.

Hi folks, ever had an eerie experience with the fog? Ever heard that soulful cry of a gull through the fog?

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11 thoughts on “In a Fog

  1. That image of something big moving in and out of the fog (before you knew it was the boat) sent shivers down my spine. If you'd been writing a fantasy, I can only image what it would have turned out to be.

  2. It was the way the fog was moving too, Marcy. It would reveal a ghostly boat for a moment then whisk it away in a deeper mist then reveal it again moments later. The water was so still and the fog dampened the sound of the engines. Eerie stuff.

  3. Prudence, I live along the Southern California coast so I do understand fog. I understand dreary gray misty days. Eerie stuff indeed. Usually we have what we call June gloom, but this year it cleared quickly and we've had beautiful sun shiny days. Can't complain. Good to see you Pru. I hope all is well with you. 🙂

  4. The only time I have had to deal with fog is while driving. The fact that I am in clear skies and then round a bend and am smack into pea soup? This might be the cause of my fear of it. Or it could be that I drive in a state where the other drivers don't care what inhibits their vision. I rarely get to just enjoy the fog. With the wind we get here, they just don't stay. I do like the insulating quality of fog, so I think that if I wasn't worried about a two ton missle approaching at speeds in excess of 80mph, I might actually enjoy fog.

  5. what incredible imagery, Prudence. I could feel the tension of that big thing moving out of the fog.

    I live in Calgary, on the far edge of the Canadian prairies. WE don't get much fog here. rain is a different thing – it's been the rainiest june ever. glad to see you're still blogging

  6. I love these posts on your island, Prudence. The fog creeps me out. I've spent many winters driving to work in fog so thick, I could barely see the road. Fortunately our summers are virtually fog free.

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