Ice is BAD

Especially when it hides under a skiff of snow… This is Charis, folks. I hijacked Pru’s blog. 

Why you ask? Because Pru had an argument with gravity, and gravity added ice to the fight. Poor thing went down hard and we’ve tucked her into a chair with lots of pillows. (I can’t prove it, she won’t let me take pics of her in pain…)

Hamming it up last winter

It’s been a week now, and the verdict is in. At least one cracked rib. Needless to say, sitting to the keyboard for long enough to write a cohesive post is kinda outta the question. 

Being the stubborn (and possibly bored) soul that she is, she pops in long enough to let ya’ll know she’s still kickin’ but don’t expect an overabundance of interaction for a few weeks at least. 

In the mean time, she is really excited about her latest release and would really love it if she got more reviews on it πŸ™‚  
We are also working on cover art for Hunter and Novan Witch, which will be the next releases in paperback from Shadoe Publishing! 

I will pop back in periodically and keep you up to date until she can get back to her usual blogging self. Have a great day folks!

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