How It Began

Forgotten Worlds

These are all tales from the forgotten worlds. The Forgotten Worlds? It began this way:

In the year of 2121, old Earth reckoning, the first of the great ships lifted off. Each ship carried ten thousand settlers, all highly skilled, extremely intelligent, people who were anxious to extend mankind’s reach into the galaxy. Each colony was to contain 2000 settlers. Five ships in all had been built.

They all believed they would be in constant contact with the rest of the colonies, but that’s not what happened. Soon after the third ship was launched a war devastated Earth. The last two ships barely made it into space. There were few survivors left on the home planet, and they did not last long.

The man whose vision the great ships were had foreseen this, and hatched a plot in secret. Each colony was dropped off then abandoned forever with no way off the world on which they had landed. Mankind had been seeded into the galaxy, and the visionary’s hope was, that even if only a few of the colonies managed to survive, mankind would continue to exist.

He had no way to know if he had succeeded or not, but he had. The great ships, once they’d dropped off the colonists, then gathered at a single planet to start a colony of their own from the combined crews. Mankind had perished on the home world, but lived on, alone in forgotten places.

The following tales recount some of their adventures and how they managed to survive.

Here survival was a struggle.

The Elvish Chronicles:

Rise of the Queen: e-book

The Road Home (coming soon)

And here they thrived and spread out through the Galaxy:

The Nova Series, beginning here with the tale of the Novan Witch:  e-book

There are many, many more tales from the Forgotten Worlds: Dark Traveler (e-book ) and The Second ( e-book ) for example.

Go ahead, check them out. I’ll tell you more about this later.



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