Hole in the Wall.

I’m supposed to be working on the house this week, but I will confess to sneaking in a bit of writing time. It’s always the same way; as soon as I start something else I get these great ideas for my WIP. 
Anyway, I have done a bit on the house too. We bought a wood stove as a back-up heating system for winter. The house has a chimney, but it was covered with drywall on the inside. I turned the task over to my alter ego, Chainsaw Angie. It did not take her long to find the treasure behind the wall.
Here’s the wall.
Here’s the wall with the chimney hole revealed.
And here it is sealed and waiting for the final install.

Hopefully, my next post will reveal the stove installed and ready for action.
Now on to the good stuff. Here’s the last chance to enter the draw for the goodies. The winners will be announced next week. Good Luck!

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Remember to let me know so I can enter your name in the right draw.
October is almost upon us. Are you preparing for winter? How? Tearing any holes in the walls? 

4 thoughts on “Hole in the Wall.

  1. I am sooo impressed, Prudence. I have few projects around here that could use your alter ego Chainsaw Angie. We're preparing for winter in Colorado. Not tearing holes in walls, but have started plugging the cracks and crevices with steel wool. Keeps out the small critters who like to come inside when we winterize and head south.

  2. Ah Prudence, you always have some kind of interesting project happening at your house. Now it's the hole in the wall. It sounds like a gang. LOL! More power (tools) to ya girl! I look forward to the finish product!

    As for me, you don't want to know. I live in southern California. Need I say more?

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