Hard Way to End a War

Hi folks,

Well, it’s finally out for purchase, the third in the Elvish Chronicles.  In this book we see the end of the Elves running and hiding in fear,  We see them truly rise up and fight back against their oppressors.  The Elves have driven all before them into the cities.  Now all are hidden safely behind stone walls while the Elves roam at large through the lands.  All the cities are severely overcrowded, and winter is upon them.

However, the Elves aren’t completely alone out there, and they will have many encounters before the snows melt in spring.  Want to know what happens?  Here’s where to get your copy of A Winter Siege.


Get your copy today, folks.  This is a great weekend read.

So, I’m back to work on another offering from the Children of the Wild.  Bye for now.



Your thoughts?

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