Growing Old?

Hi Folks,

It is a strange world and this week I got a real peek into how strange it can be. Really. It’s time for a few confessions.

2014 began with the usual resolutions. Mine were ambitious as they so often are, but this year they took a strange turn. One resolution was to finally let my blonde locks go their natural gray. The plan was to grow it out. I have seen a lot of ladies who sparkle with their proud silver tresses.

Alas, I was not one of them. It was a hard winter, emotionally and physically. I felt as bleak as the weather. For the first time in living memory, winter beat me. I gained weight, my arthritis became a constant companion, I stopped walking the dogs daily, waiting instead for sunny weather, writing became a chore most days, and promotions became drudgery.

I became ill, stopped wearing make-up, the doctor told me my kidneys were in trouble and I was borderline diabetic. I quit drinking coffee cold-turkey; ditto anything that tasted good. Worse, I still felt sick most days.

Earlier this week I looked into the mirror and saw an old woman looking back at me. What the hell had happened? What was this mysterious force that had abandoned me? Why was I no longer a Jedi? I started to break down. Kathy called our hairdresser and booked me an appointment. I was commanded to get my hair done; it always made me feel better. I was stunned at the difference when I came home that day.

I saw myself looking back from the mirror. My smile was back, my energy was back, and I felt like me again. Now, a few days later, here are some of my observations. 

The weather outside is what we call RDF (rain, drizzle, and fog) and hovering on the freezing point, however, my arthritis has withdrawn to where I don’t notice it, my hands are limber again, my energy is still back, I don’t miss the damn coffee, I’ve got a million stories running through my head, and I’m excited about life again. Hell, sales have even gone back up. The Force is with me once again.

My conclusion? The mind is truly the most powerful force in a person’s life. Find that little something that makes you feel young and indulge yourself in that. Your social circle, your family and friends, and especially your inner self will thank you for it.

What do you think?

Now to ROW80

This past week saw a burst in ambition and activity. It also saw eleven thousand words and the conclusion of the rough first draft of Blue Rider, the sequel to Old Family Mansion. If you’ve read the above post you can probably see where that burst of energy came from.

Now, for next week’s targets. I plan to catch up a bit on reading some more of your blogs, do a read through and tidy up of that first draft, then decide if it needs more or if it goes off to the editor, and arrange for a cover for the book. I’m shooting for an early June launch. I also plan to read a book written by someone else. Hehehe

Well, that it for me this week, folks. Drop me a line and let me know how you’re doing. I do love to hear from you. 

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Bright Blessings


12 thoughts on “Growing Old?

  1. I can so sympathize. One day you feel young and energetic and the next, you are looking in the mirror and wondering where all the gray came from. Arthritis can be a game changer. So glad you have bounced back. Sounds like your writing is taking off.

  2. Absolutely don't turn grey/white haired. It depresses most of us (I love it on some women but it doesn't work for me). Too much of a false reminder of the aging years. I agree, do the things that make you happy, don't give into the idea that years make your age. It is in your mind where you make the choice to age.

  3. Boy can I relate, Prudence. I have been a redhead for so long that I don't feel like myself if I let my hair grow out. I also refuse to go with a short, easy, (old-lady) hairstyle. So glad you've got your spark back! Hope you continue to have a blessed spring!!!

  4. Funny, my hair started graying at 17 and when I finally started coloring it years later, it felt like I had a bag over my head. HATED it. Now it's long and gray and it's me. Stay blonde, Prudence–glad that seems like a simple fix–and I'll grow my gray down my back.

  5. As my hairstylist says, "What gray?" lol. Prudence, you ain't kidding. Boy, does our mind play a huge roll in how we feel. So glad you put the color back in your life. Whatever it takes girl. But, you've had some extreme weather to deal with also. That can play havoc with your feelings too. Try staying off of dairy and see if your arthritis calms down. And I'm off coffee too since my adrenals have been stressed out. Try Teeccino. It's a tea that tastes like coffee. And it actually tastes good! We like the vanilla nut. But it does come in other varieties. It's also non-acidic which will also help. So glad you're feeling better. You cannot think to create when you're sick. Believe me, I understand. Go get 'em Pru! 🙂

  6. Thanks Karen, your pep talks always pick me up. Thanks for the info and I will get off dairy. yes, I do love the taste of Vanilla. Does ice cream count as dairy? It does? aw bugger…sigh.. tee hee

  7. I've always told my friends that when I just can't bother with my hair anymore, I am going to get a short, spiky, punk-rock hairdo and wear my grey with gusto. I'm glad you've got your mojo back. Winter is hard; I imagine it is even harder up where you live. Stay the course, woman. 🙂

  8. Sounds like you went through a glum time of it. The mind really does rule the roost. Mine is a negative swine who refuses to believe in my efforts most of the time, but in the rare occasions it gives me a break, the world is at my knees. Or something like that… 🙂 Glad to hear you've got onto of things and are back on form! Love the hair. There are very few women whose complexion can take grey, event that yummy silver grey, and you look so happy blonde. 🙂

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