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A while ago I received a blogging award, my first one, versatile blogger. Sue there was a catch, I have to pass it along to a group of bloggers I like. No problem there, that will be fun. First, let me say a great big “thank you” to Ginger Calem whose blog can be found here;  Check it out, you’ll be glad you did.
Now I’m supposed to tell you seven random things about me. No problem, I’m a random kind of gal.
1.      I’m 5’11” tall. (scary huh?)
2.      I learned to play guitar fifty years ago.
3.      It’s been 20 years since I’ve been to Scotland
4.      I can’t touch type. (Thankful for spellcheck too)
5.      I’m an early bird by nature.
6.      I often re-paint the walls when I’m bored.
7.      I believe in magic
Now for the fun part. I get to pass this award to a number of other folks whose blogs interest me. This is so cool. Here goes. The award goes to…  Jess Witkins blog is all about spooky stuff right now.  Cynthia knows writing. Read her blog and learn as you are entertained. Melinda VanLone, another believer in magic. Rachel Funk Heller is always fun, check out her blog. Diane Capri is always thoughtful, well worth a read. Sonia Quinones, this gal can write just about anything, and does. Kristy K James’ blog is well worth a read.  Every list of blogs should have Gene Lempp’s name on it. Seriously. Myndi Shafer’s blog has a new home, check it out. Lynn Kelly’s blog is always fun. Samantha Warren. Dragon tamer/farm ninja, what more can I say. Check her blog, it’s great. C.G.Powell’s blog, interesting, thought provoking, and visually delightful. Check this out, S.J. will give you a completely different slant on things.
Ok, this list is a completely random sampling of the blogs I like. I now pass the mantle of the Versatile Blogger off to you folks. Here’s how it works, first you thank the person who presented the award to you, list seven random facts about yourself, then pass the award on to a dozen or so of your favorite blogs. Have fun with it.
If time constraints prevent you from participating, no worries, just enjoy the award and know that you’re getting it right.

5 thoughts on “Great Blogs

  1. Argh, not signing in to WordPress ate my comment.

    I believe in magic as well. There are too many unexplained things in the world.

    I wish I could paint our new house. But DH says we are going to drywall in the next year or two, so I should wait. But it's ugly yellow EVERYWHERE.
    The only room that got a new colour was DD's room in a nice purple. And our bedroom is a nice colour. But otherwise I'm itching for home renovations.

    Funny, you have a story called Second Chance, my first novel is "Second Chance Romance". 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for including me, Prudence! I will definitely pass the award along in my Friday mash-up! Yikes to the 7 random things though. 🙂

    Comingalive…whenever I comment on a Blogger blog, I always copy my comment before trying to post it. A hard lesson learned after losing half a dozen or so. 🙂

  3. Comingalive, A year or two? Paint now, then paint again later, paint is cheap and oh so rewarding to see on the wall.

    Kristy, Pleasure. I know what you mean about losing comments. I've lost a few dozen before. drives me nuts. Copying, great idea, thanks.

  4. Hi Coleen, wall painting is fun now. There's a new quick drying paint, push the furniture into the room, paint the wall, go for coffee, come back and put the furniture in place again. That easy. I love it.

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