Goals for Round #3 of ROW 80

Hi folks,

Well, this isn’t the story of my humble beginnings in writing as I threatened you with. That will surface on Sunday. This time it’s all about Round #3 of ROW80. Goals.

As I stated in my last post, things well all to hell on me last round, so this round will be different. My writing goal for this round is to pick up the pieces, get my newest novel back on track, fix the broken parts, make it all pretty, and get it published.

I also want to dig up and revise an older one that has yet to be published, and get a start on several new ones. When I say start several I’m not talking about 40-50K words per, I’m talking about notes of about 3-4 hundred words. Just some random stuff to get my imagination working again. I will shoot for high productivity in round #4.

Above that I mean to be cheering you all on to greater things. You are all my brothers and sisters in arms. Let us go forth and conquer the world.

Bright Blessings


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