Give up all hope of a better past.

I was in the line up at the grocery store the other day, and as usual, was eavesdropping on the others around me.  A writer is always looking for good material.  That day, however, I was saddened to hear a woman reliving past transgressions against her as though they were fresh wounds.

Yes my friends, I know all too well; I have a few scars of my own. Having said that, no matter how hard it may be, you must forgive, and give up all hope of a better past. This is very powerful and will set you free.

Give up all hope of a better past. By now this should be a no-brainer, but I have included it anyway. If you truly want to gain mastery over your life, and to have that happy abundant everafter we all dream of, then you must do this.

Remember, if you focus your thoughts on the past, and the bad or unhappy things that happened there, you will be doomed to re-live them forever. Release them and let them go. Here is an exercise that I began many years ago, and still practice from time to time.

The Oath of Release:

“I (your name), do hereby give up all hope of a better past. The things that have happened there shall remain there; I take the lessons learned from those experiences, and turn my focus forward to the present and future. I forgive anyone and everyone who has ever harmed me in any way, (no matter how deep or painful the hurt), and I ask forgiveness for any and all harm I may have caused (deliberately or otherwise). I will now seek ways to lead a more loving and fulfilling life.”

Try it folks, it feels good; it will set you free.

Bless, Prudence

Your thoughts?

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