Gibbs Slap From the Muse!

Hi folks,

This past week has been interesting to say the least. many unusual things have happened. What??? You say? Well, for example, I willingly mowed the lawn. Most of you know I hate lawns and think people should be growing food instead. Anyway I did that. 

(Me with the giant rhubarb plant and grass that needs mowing.)

Result? Next day I slept in until noon. It’s been over forty years since I did that. Yikes.

What else happened? Well, I got a Gibbs slap upside the head from the writing muse. We were on the ferry heading across to the city. There was a young woman on a motorcycle parked beside us. She was watching the water glide by as I was when I heard the voice of the muse.

“You haven’t written a lesbian romance in far too long. What’s the matter with you?” (My muse is no wimp; she’s tough.)

Me: I’m working on the Haunted Quest Series. I’ll get back to it once I finish that. (I like to finish one project at a time usually.)

Muse: “No. I am presenting you with inspiration. Look at that woman. Here’s the story. (flood of images in my mind until I’m dizzy.)

Me: But what about the ghost series?

Muse:”What’s the matter, you can’t do both at once? Getting too old for this?” (Ooooh, that rubbed my fur the wrong way.)

Me: Fine, Lady, but you’d better not desert me halfway through.

Muse: “Of course not, sweetie. I’ll be right at your shoulder the whole time.” (She’s all sugar and honey once she gets her own way. See, Myndi Shafer, that’s why I can’t quit writing. She won’t let me.)

Result? New Book started today, lesbian romance, ghost story. this is going to be fun.

Oh, don’t forget, Old Family Mansion is still free with this coupon code. GZ33M

ROW80 Check-in

It has been a seriously crazy week, but I did manage to get some writing done. I now have a solid start on the third book of the Haunted Quest Series. Still waiting for the cover for the second one though. sigh Hopefully this week will see it’s arrival. I’ll post it as soon as I get it.

Oh, the target of ten thousand words? Only eight this time; but I’m shooting for another ten thousand words this week. Wish me luck.


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  1. I'm so laughing over this! My muse Gibbs slaps me from time to time. She's cranky like that. Also, I am jealous of your rhubarb. Hard to grow rhubarb in an apartment. 🙂

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